Six months into 2019 and I…. #ZombieBlogHop


Six months into 2019 and I thank God for his mercy every day.  On the New Year eve the doctor read the pulse of my daughter, who fainted during the celebration, and said  “Your daughter has only 1% chance of survival  even if you go in for a surgery.” She was suffering from a congenital disease. We opted for the surgery.

The night after the surgery, while I was praying for the health for my little daughter at the doorsteps of a closed temple, the mad fakir walked up to me and said “A miracle will happen on a Tuesday of the sixth month.” They called him the mad fakir because he always spoke to himself, anyone and everyone and nothing of what he spoke made any sense. I broke down and told him that I had no hope after seeing my daughter in the ICU that morning. The fakir touched my forehead gently and said, “It’s not Tuesday, I meant… not six months later…  I meant today…, tonight I mean… a miracle will happen…” and he went on saying something I didn’t understand.

I realized that my wife and my parents were at the hospital waiting for my daughter to regain her consciousness after the surgery. I rushed to the hospital and saw that my wife was in a state of shock. My parents told me that my daughter’s condition is critical. The doctors said that they would want to observe her for another 24 hours before giving up.

We all lay in the ward allotted for my daughter. We were in a state that no words could explain. At six in the morning, I went to the ICU, sat by my daughter’s side, took her little frail hand into mine and said “Please don’t go, we just can’t, we can’t…” I saw her open her eyes slowly For a moment I thought I was dreaming. I rushed to the nurse and asked her to call the doctor.

Today, six months later, I see the little miracle of our lives, playing doctor-patient with her doll, happy and healthy.

I have received this tag from Anamika Agnihotri  and I am passing it on to Balaka Basu. 24 bloggers have got together to celebrate six months of 2019 from June 17-19. In their own unique ways, they will share what the last six months mean to them. In these 24 posts, you will find a lot of joy and hope. Not to forget, some humor and stories too. So don’t forget to read all these and share some love.

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15 thoughts on “Six months into 2019 and I…. #ZombieBlogHop

  1. Much love to your daughter. I am glad you sailed through the tough times. Nothing more difficult than seeing your child in the hospital. Best wishes to you always.


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