His Miracles



008When success came, I felt proud; I rejoiced; I celebrated and enjoyed the attention and admiration and all the happy things that success brought with it.  I attributed my success to my focus, skill and industry. I thanked God for His grace and went to the temple of Lord Krishna to offer Him a garland of marigold flowers.

It was an old temple. The garden was huge but very poorly maintained. The temple had only one sweeper who cleans the inside of the temple. The temple couldn’t afford another sweeper and there was no one to clean the garden. It was always littered with dried leaves.

On the eastern side of the garden was an old beautiful rock statue of Lord Krishna. No one offered flowers to the God in the Garden. Everyone offered them to the God in the main shrine. I cleaned up the place around the statue, offered the garland of marigold flowers, and thanked Him for blessing me with success.

In just a few weeks came an awful failure and with it came loss of position and money. And I suffered bad health. All those who looked up to me now do not want to be friends with me anymore.  I started to analyze the reasons for the failure. I was just not able to get over it.

I wondered how it happened. It was my wrong choice and impulsive decisions. The fall from being an enviable businessman to being a loser was irrevocable. I started to worry and the fear that something worse might happen gripped me. I felt miserable

Then I went to the temple, offered a marigold garland to the God in the garden. I prayed to reverse the situation, make life beautiful like before. He can and He will reverse a misfortune magically for all those who trust him. I knew that God made miracles happen.

Months passed. Nothing happened. I felt more and more miserable. I went to the temple again. I stood in front of the statue of God, the beautiful Lord Krishna with a flute in his hand and a peacock feather in his hair. No one offered flowers to the statue in the garden, everyone offered them in the main shrine. This time I didn’t offer a garland either.

As usual, no one had cleaned the surroundings. The garden looked shabby. I looked at the statue and asked why He didn’t answer my prayers. God didn’t respond.

I understood that God never existed. It was just a beautiful statue that mesmerized me. Miracles never happened. If He was capable of doing miracles He would have kept His garden spotlessly clean, there wouldn’t be any litter in His garden. I started being practical. I accepted the fact that I was responsible for my misery and I had to live it. There was nothing I could do about it.

I sat down on the ground disappointed and depressed. I started cursing myself for my mistakes and some voice in me said, it wasn’t all your fault. The good thing is you learnt some important lessons, haven’t you?

I felt dejected for giving up, and I heard the voice say, it’s alright if you had given up. You are on a better path now.

I regretted the choices I made and I heard the voice say, one day you will know that the choices you made were perfect.

I wept in pain and felt I couldn’t take it anymore… I stopped weeping and waited for the voice to speak. The voice said, … glad you stopped weeping, it’s time to stop whining and start it all over again. 

I wondered where the voice was coming from. I asked, “Who are you?” The voice said, “You will soon discover.” The voice said, “Close your eyes, and feel your strength, gather your will-power and courage, get back the trust you lost in yourself and you will discover me.”

I closed my eyes, tried to feel my strength. I couldn’t. I recalled my proud moments. They didn’t give me joy anymore. I could only see the humiliation failure brought. I could only feel the hurt and pain failure caused. I lost trust in everyone, friends, family and God. Tears flowed endlessly and I opened my eyes.

Marigold - 5

I saw a beautiful marigold flower between the litter of dried leaves on the ground at the feet of the statue of God. I wondered where the fresh marigold flower came from into the shabby garden. I went closer to God to have a closer look. The flower grew on a marigold plant. I involuntarily cleaned up the dried leaves and litter around the plant. I then saw many plants with lots of marigold buds. I didn’t notice them earlier. They were hidden between the litter. I watered them and looked at God.

Who planted them there? No one, the garland of marigold flowers that I offered to the Lord, a few months ago dried, fell on the ground and grew into plants and bloomed. What a miracle!

It was Him who dried the fresh flowers, made them fall to the ground. It was He who sent the rain, sprouted them and with his sunshine, nourished them into beautiful plants. It was He who brought me there to clean the litter and water them. It is He who will make me start over from the ground up. He will continue doing his miracles. I may not notice them when my mind is littered with hopelessness, dejection and doubt but he won’t stop his miracles.

Image Courtesy:  https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1582692170271-e3c259dc3de6?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&ixid=eyJhcHBfaWQiOjEyMDd9&auto=format&fit=crop&w=667&q=80https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1582692170271-e3c259dc3de6?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&ixid=eyJhcHBfaWQiOjEyMDd9&auto=format&fit=crop&w=667&q=80

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